Keep on truckin'

If you have reached this page, then congratulations. You're in. You're a discoverer.

Of what?

A limited edition, secret, trucker hat that only you, the physical album buyer of "American Music", can access.  

Cheaters may find this page.  It is the internet, after all.  That's fine. They will find themselves purchasing this hat for the ultra-high list price of $1,000. 

But you, however, may purchase this hat for the price of $1.99, as a sincere thanks for purchasing "American Music."  

How do you you obtain it? Simply, click on the picture of this handsome trucker hat and enter in the 6 (six) character password found on the outside of the album packaging.  It may be anywhere - on the front, on the back or on the spine. 

Need a hint? The password contains AT LEAST one number, is NOT a song title, begins with the letter R and is in ALL CAPS.