Gangstagrass fans, hold on to your hats and get ready for a very unique opportunity for some Gangstagrass fun provided by Rench himself. We are offering up two very interesting Mystery Boxes for sale. There is only one of each available. Each has more than 40 items in it, ranging from CDs, to apparel, to totebags, to strange and indecipherable documents, random products, memorabilia from Gangstagrass and Rench history - a trove of weirdness you get to unpack and share. What the hell is going to be in there?

The catch is we CAN'T tell you what's inside.  But we CAN tell you that you will NOT be disappointed with what we give you. Inside will be plenty of music, apparel, memorabilia and tons of both random and not-so-random odds and ends.  

Buy one of these bad boys and your jaw will drop when you see the package that is camping on your doorstep. Mystery Box #1 is nearly 20 POUNDS. Mystery Box #2 is nearly 15 POUNDS! Both contain more than 40 items big and small.

And there's only one of each available. Once they're gone, they are GONE. We'll ship them anywhere in North America.

These went on sale just now! Will you get there fast enough to snatch one up? Who will get the chance to open up a box and discover the sundry items Rench has placed within?

If you purchase one of these mystery boxes, don't forget to unearth the mystery by posting pictures of everything at  or whatever you use to share with the world - just make sure to document the unpacking and the items you receive so the suckers that missed their chance to get a mystery box can look upon your score and soak in a little of the feast of stuff you will be enjoying!