Thanks to the fans for an awesome tour!

Gangstagrass is home from the Flying Rattlesnakes Tour. And It
Rocked. So thanks.

We have returned, victorious from a whirlwind campaign of badassery.
But we did not do it alone. Thanks to many people who came and
supported us and danced and screamed and partied like there was no
tomorrow in San Francisco, Grants Pass, Eugene, Corvallis, Portland,
Tacoma, San Diego, LA, Nashville, and Centre College. We had a blast
and can't wait to be back!

We were so happy to come out and share the experience in person with
you, so you could see R-SON the Voice of Reason rocking the mic,
demonstrating the hottest freestyle skills north of Antarctica, backed
by Rench on guitar, Doug Goldstein on banjo, David Yannuzzi on dobro,
Jon West on fiddle, and the block rocking beats you know and love.

For those of you who were not able to see us on this tour, fear not.
Just be patient - we have plans to get out more in early 2013 and in
the spring. We know where you are and we want to come there. We will
be heading to the south, to the midwest, to the northeast, and also to
Europe. Keep spreading the word about Gangstagrass, the more fans we
have in your town the easier it is for us to come play there!