Gangstagrass VIP Ticket Experience

Gangstagrass and MarchFourth Marching Band are coming to the south for three Bluegrass Hip-Hop/Marching Band parties and you can supplement the regular old-fashioned good time with a VIP ticket today.  These special electronic tickets remove the "velvet rope" and bring you right into the action.  We're talking about exclusive admission into soundcheck, an opportunity to dine out with the bands, merch from M4 and a "draft ticket" into either band's army to participate in an all-out laser tag battle that will make the French Revolution look like the movie "Mean Girls."  All of this makes for an admission you'll want to admit to your friends, family and therapist.  

10/8 - The Jefferson Theater - Charlottesville, VA 

 10/9 - The Lincoln Theatre - Raleigh, NC

10/10 - The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC 

Laser Tag will be held on October 9th at Adventure Landing in Raleigh. 

3311 Capital Blvd  Raleigh, NC 27604