Gangstagrass blasts into Summer 2013 and beyond

"If you are playing chess against Bigfoot, don't win. And for God's sake don't cheat." - Ancient Bluegrass-Hip-Hop proverb.

This year we get out to see so many fans in person as we storm across the country, and it started off strong with tours north to Canada and back in Feburary, and across the South and Midwest in April. Check it out:

[picture from indianapolis show]

on our travels, we had a chance to appear on the televised variety show Scruffy City Ramble in Knoxville. Enjoy: - gangstagrass comes on about 1 hour 23 min. into it.

But that was only the beginning! Our full scale invasion continues with live performances throughout the summer and fall! See if we are in your area, and go to or for details

5/24/2013 Canton, OH - The Auricle

5/25/2013 Ann Arbor, MI - The Ark

5/26/2013 Chillicothe, IL - Summer Camp Festival

5/27/2013 Chicago, IL - City Winery

5/31/2013 Pulaski, NY - The Groovelink Family Funktion

6/1/2013 Brooklyn, NY - Red Hook Fest

6/3/2013 Lexington, KY Natasha's Bistro and Bar

6/5/2013 Chicago, IL Martyrs'  

6/6/2013 Indianapolis, IN White Rabbit Cabaret

6/7/2013 Cincinnati, OH Mad Frog  

6/8/2013 Fayetteville, WV - New River Festival

6/9/2013 Doylestown, PA - Puck  

6/15/2013 Champion, PA - Stills In The Hills, an Appalachian Jamboree 

6/28/2013 Arlington, VA - Artisphere

 6/29/2013 Berryville, VA - Pasture Palooza Festival

7/11/2013 Los Angeles, CA - Levitt Pavillion MacArthur Park

7/12/2013 San Louis Obispo, CA - Seven Sisters Festival

7/20/2013 Ostrava, Czech Republic - Colours of Ostrava festival

8/7-8/8 Bethlehem, PA - Musikfest

8/9 - Teaneck, NJ - Mexicali Live

8/14 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall

8/16 - Hudson, NY - Club Helsinki

8/17 - Baltimore, MD - The 8 x 10  

9/21 - Milford, NJ - Milford Alive

 More dates to be added soon, so check back regularly! And yes, we are going to the Czech Republic.

Meanwhile, work has begun on the next Gangstagrass album. We are in the process of developing and recording new tracks. Rench recently brough Smif N Wessun into the studio to deliver a mind blowing special appearance on a new track. We are going to put some time in to make the hottest tracks ever and you can't rush that, so this monsterpiece will be cooking until the fall, when we unleash it on the world. Take a peek at some behind the scenes footage for the production of a new Gangstagrass video that will launch the first single:

Rench will tweet some juicy inside scoop as new tracks get assembled, so make sure you are following @gangstagrass

Are you a huge Gangstagrass fan (huge in enthusiasm, if not in body weight)? Get ready to prove it and win a free t-shirt!  We are launching the S.H.I.R.T. challenge, so step up and complete simple tasks spreading the word about Gangstagrass to get your own prize shirt!

for juicy inside scoops on the crazy circus that is Gangstagrass 2013, check these interviews with Rench:

want to see what happens when Gangstagrass takes over your hotel room?

We are looking forward to coming around and playing our little hearts out on stage for you soon! It is always a thrill to meet our awesome fans, and the weird ones too.

and remember: "cama cama leepa chai"