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Take the Rappalachia 6 Challenge!


We are officially throwing down the gauntlet and inviting everyone with the intestinal fortitude to try their hand a rapping to bluegrass. So step right up, and bust your rhymes over the fast paced bluegrass instrumental "Rappalachia 6" from the last Gangstagrass album. Below you will see a link to get a free download of Rappalachia 6. Scoop it up. Then use whatever means works best for you to create a recording of your vocals over our track. If you have recording software thats great. If you just run a webcam on yourself while the track is playing on your stereo, that's great too. Videos are awesome. Once you have created your  Rappalachia 6 Masterpiece, send it to gangstasubmissions@gmail.com so we can check it out.

Once you have created a recording of your vocals on Rappalachia 6, you have succeeded at the Rappalachia 6 Challenge. BUT we will be awarding special prizes and recognition to our favorite submissions - best rapping, best concept, funniest, most unexpected, etc. - and our overall favorite version will be featured on Gangstagrass.com as the official Rappalachia 6 challenge winner.

This is going to be more fun that shooting yourself in the kneecap, so don't dilly dally, click on this link to download the track and get started on adding your special sauce on top! 


Click Here To Download

The "Rappalachia 6" Single! 



Check out these awesome submissions!