Sponsor a Measure!

(Or how you can help us make the funniest video ever!)


[ This offer is now closed. thanks to everyone who sponsored measures! We did 28 sponsored actions in three minutes, in one take, and it was crazy. The footage is currently being prepared for official release!]


Calling all fans! Wanna help us make the most hilarious music video ever? This is your chance to contribute the concept to a new, official Gangstagrass music video.  Together, we will make something mind-blowingy cool!


It's easy! Sponsor a measure! What does that mean?

It means we are starting with an empty canvas.  Each measure is two seconds long and there are about a hundred of them.  You have the ability to use the creative juices flowing in your brain to think of the idea.  You tell us the props and the idea and you can watch madness ensue as we bring your idea to film...for two seconds at least.  We'll buy any props necessary.  And, of course, we'll give you credit for it on the film.

But wait there's more? We're going to shoot all 100 of these measures in one shot! Who can even imagine the results? We're up for the challenge -- are you down to join us?

We are selling one measure for $50, but if you want longer, you can buy two measures for $60! Help us make something hilarious. Something obnoxious. Something cerebral.  We need you!



Let's set some ground rules!

1. No scene may marginalize or lampoon a certain race, sex or demographic

2. No props using sharp things like knives or hurtful things like weapons or fire

3. Only the band may be used as actors in a scene.  Sorry, but we have no connections to Alec Baldwin

4. No scene may disrespect any one who has a certain injury, handicap or ailment 

5. Any individual prop must be $25 or less.  You want something more expensive, you pay for it! 

6. An animal is a living being, not a prop.  You may not require us to use any animals in these scenes.

7. No nudity! No sex!

8. No scenes requiring us to take drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, etc.

9. All tasks must be mutually agreed upon between you and us.