Greatest Fan Of All Time Package


Greatest Fan Of All Time Package

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Do you want to officially be the greatest fan of all time? This will settle it. There are items in this package that we can only offer ONE of. So nobody else could get them again. Once you buy them, that's it. Become part of Rench and Gangstagrass history with this face melting one of a kind collection:

Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic (signed by Rench)

Rappalachia (signed by Rench)

Broken Hearts and Stolen Money  (signed by Rench)

American Music  (signed by Rench)

Life In Mean Season (signed by Rench)

Worn Down Low (signed by Rench)

Elkhorn Riders (signed by Rench)

Above Market Value (signed by Rench)

What We Do *out of print, rare physical copy*

TONE-z - The One No-One Expected (produced by Rench)

TONE-z - Hennessy and Moonshine (produced by Rench)

The Weal and Woe - The One To Blame (produced by Rench)

Samantha Martin - Send The Nightingale (produced by Rench)

Michaela Anne - Ease My Mind

This is Brooklyn Country Vol. 1

Secret surprise CDs

Disc of rare mp3s

Rench t-shirt

Gangstagrass t-shirt

Gangstagrass bandana – black

Gangstagrass bandana - tan

Life In Mean Season poster (signed by Rench)

Rappalachia poster (signed by Rench)

Gangstagrass tour poster *not sold anywhere*

One of Rench’s western shirts that he has worn on stage


Rench’s first sampler

The actual painting used in the design of the Gangstagrass album of your choice (by artist Alena Rudolph)

Personal phone-call from Rench

Video shout-out from Rench, posted on
Thank you in the next Gangstagrass album liner notes.
Sponsorship shout-out from the stage at a Gangstagrass performance.
Free admission to all Gangstagrass performances that we have the ability to grant admission to