17 January 2021

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from your friends in Gangstagrass:

Let's all NOT go to any protests this week anywhere in America.

The best way to avoid the virus AND terrorist threats is #StayHome.




For more details, read on...

Hot tip from America’s band of multi-racial genre demolishers:

We know things are troubling right now. We love you all and want to move forward together in the best possible way. 

The inauguration on January 20th is certainly going to be an unusual one. A very large number of service members are in place in Washington DC and at state capitols around America in preparation for conflict surrounding the event -- and in days leading up to it -- from pro-Trump and anti-Trump protesters.

Like dry conditions requiring extra caution to avoid sparking wildfires, even just being present in person can increase the chance of things going badly. We strongly believe in the role of protest in our democracy but gotta say this inauguration is the time to let your voice be heard remotely, not in person. 

For the time being (subject to changing circumstances later) anyone planning to express their opinion should find a way to do it from the safety of their own home. 

If there is violence, we don’t want you anywhere near that. There is a lot of rage looking for an outlet -- if you’re there, you could become a physical target for it. We’d like you far away from zip ties, guns, nooses, and weaponized flagpoles. The police and national guard are very much on alert and in position to handle that. It won’t help anything for you to be in harm’s way. Chances are, anti-Trump protests would serve to energize and provoke pro-Trump protesters in an unproductive way. 

A pandemic is reason enough to avoid crowds. The risk of violence is  even more reason to stay safe at home.

Obviously press is an exception; they have to go to document the situation, and we thank them for doing so. We're saying: don't add your body to the situation.

Show your support and/or disdain remotely.If there are insurrectionists and violent attacks, best to leave that situation for all to see them up against cops and soldiers. It won’t be a popular sight.

And we have a better future to build, rather than get caught up trifling with those that are not ready for it - as our most recent album title says, “No Time For Enemies”! #NTFE

Keep your eyes on what you can do to connect, support others, and make a better future, whether that’s through discussions with family, making new art and music, livestreaming your thoughts, or writing to your elected representatives.

This inauguration week, celebrate democracy from home, stay safe, and we will keep building positive things with you for the long haul.

Get ready.

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no time for enemies

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Rolling Stone

Listen to This Hip-Hop/Bluegrass Rendering of ‘This Land Is Your Land’ 

2020.08.15: “'If this land is yours, it’s certainly ours,' raps R-SON the Voice of Reason on this imaginative cover. ...with its processed banjo, record scratches, and verses that address some of Guthrie’s historical blind spots (“Assume the land is yours, but also take the blame/For native blood spilled/Tribes that fell ill”), Gangstagrass offers a most welcome renovation of the folkie national anthem."

Americana Highways

REVIEW: Gangstagrass Establishes Themselves As America’s Band With 'No Time For Enemies'

2020.08.14: "In the collection of songs on this album, the group continues to purposefully and gleefully shatter and blur the lines between what is White music and what is Black music and presents to the listener a number of ready-made anthems and classics that easily rank as some of the most profound, outspoken, and boldest in American musical history. From the scorching and American history drenched opening number 'Freedom' to the inviting call to action that is 'Ride With You,' to the barriers of society attacking 'Working On That Chain,' to the politically pragmatic 'Do Better,' to the unapologetic and the diversity celebrating ‘What I Am,' and to the soaring, inspirational, and tear-inducing 'Your Land,' and of all the other songs in between on this album, the group is undeniably delivering an urgent and irrepressible message to all of us as American citizens right now."  No Time For Enemies "is not only the album for 2020 but is also the sonic marker that establishes Gangstagrass as America’s band for this moment and for its foreseeable future."



How History Books Erased the Marginalized Voices That Built Bluegrass

"Gangstagrass may blend bars and banjos, but their music also feels a little rock n’ roll, a little rebellious. Their shows may be the only place where you can find a banjo picker wearing an American flag shirt, a rapper wearing a Black Power hoodie, and a drunk white lady dancing in the front row."

Live for Live Music 

First Listen: Gangstagrass Inspires Solidarity On New Album, ‘No Time For Enemies’

2020.08.12: With its inspiring messages of solidarity and struggle, No Time For Enemies offers a fresh take on the topics of social, racial, musical, and economic divisions that have only intensified over recent months. ...the band doubles down on their commitment to unity with lines like, “Yeah, the future is a bumpy ride—I wanna ride with you/We’ll be fighting fighting monsters till we die—I wanna ride with you/Just as long as you’re by my side—I wanna ride with you.” 

Glide Magazine 

Gangstagrass Explore Race and Politics with Banjos and Beats on ‘No Time for Enemies’ 

2020.08.11: "The lyrics on this album are more political than on previous albums by the band, but music has a long history to responding to the socio-political situations at any given time. As a result, the lyrics provide a lot of food for thought. And that’s the point. The members of this band do a tremendous job of fusing traditional bluegrass sounds with hip-hop vocals and beats. In the process, they give the listener a unique experience." 

No Depression 

Gangstagrass Makes a Timely Statement on ‘No Time for Enemies’ 

2020.08.11:" "Gangstagrass’ blending of bluegrass and hip-hop textures may sound revolutionary in times as polarized as these, but it’s also downright necessary. Wisely kicking off the album with the statement-of-purpose anthem, 'Freedom,' Gangstagrass shows all of its cards early. Buoyed by the power of its chorus, 'Ain’t gonna wait no more to get this freedom,' 'Freedom' draws its melody from 'The Crawdad Song,' a traditional folk song that tellingly displays its roots in both African and Anglo-American traditions. Here, it’s used to demand not only a conversation but also action toward change and equality as each verse travels through the history of the Black experience in America, from slavery through Jim Crow and the present day where, sadly, its message still needs to be not only shared but shouted from every corner."  

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